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Yes Medieval Manor sucks.

They make you go **on stage** and ask permission to go to the bathroom! I am not crazy here, what person would want to do that? I love the spotlight and I think that is humiliating, forget about it if you are shy to begin with. And I hate being told what to do, why should I pay for it!

I was so outraged that I decided to write them a letter. And I told them how I was having a tough night already and this was the last straw. I ended up crying, leaving the restaurant and ringing in the New Year alone with my cats.

Their response was to send me a Medieval Manor pamphlet on which they had highlighted a part that said not to leave your seat during the show and they wrote "Also on website. We were never given notice of medical condition. Sorry."

Here is my reply:

"While I do appreciate that at least you responded I do not feel this is an adequate response. I think it is unreasonable to expect your customers to read through all your documentation before visiting. I don't know of any other business that does. This is not just a theater it is a restaurant as well. I understand wanting people to stay in their seats, that is a fair request. But no one should be humiliated if they really need to get up.

What it comes down to is I don't feel you appreciate your customers. I was hoping you would rethink the policy but I didn't expect that. But I strongly feel I deserved a sincere apology instead of blaming me for not reading the documentation and notifying someone of my medical condition. This also makes me feel you have completely failed to see my point of view. I can see yours, you are thinking, "She's making a big deal about nothing, everyone else is fine with it." And maybe that is true. I don't expect you to change just for me, though I don't think I'm the only one.

But I expected you would acknowledge my point of view and be sincere in apology. Instead, you further showed your attitude that it is a privilege for me to give you my money. That the responsibility lies with me to study beforehand, rather than with you, to do something easily within your power to make every customer comfortable.

Respond or not as you see fit."
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