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To make this very simple-

John McCain - improve the economy by giving tax cuts to businesses, this will create more jobs. Cut government spending in order to give tax cuts.

Barack Obama - improve the economy by giving tax cuts to people who don't make tons of money, government initiatives such as clean energy can create more jobs

How do we know that tax cuts to businesses will create more jobs? How do we know it won't just become more profit for that business? It's safe to say that for every dollar in tax cuts we will get less than a dollar in new jobs. The number is debatable - 10 cents on a dollar, 25 cents? And how many jobs will be lost from cutting government spending?

I think if you want to help people who are struggling financially it's better to be direct about it as Obama proposes. Government spending is great if done well, would you rather see a Caviar retailer get a $30,0000 tax cut or school being able to hire enough teachers? We focus so much on the waste in government but we forget how much it really does for us - law enforcement, environmental protection, libraries, public parks, schools, roads.

Well, I think if your priority is lower taxes for those who are pretty well off then I can understand why McCain would be a good choice. You could say that it's not fair that some people have to pay a higher percentage of their income, and that anyone who wants to and is determined could earn more. But we need a certain amount of government money to get things done, I am open to ideas of specific cuts. If someone needs to pay more taxes it should not be people who are already struggling to pay for essentials such as health care. I think everyone should have their basic needs met especially if they are working 40 hours a week or more. And this is not even about giving away money, it's about taking less money from people who are making very little.

Debate is welcome.
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